I am a carnivore

Ok the way I look at it is we have been designed to eat meet, the way our teeth are set out, the thing our body needs to be health are just two (big) reasons of why we eat meat. I agree that now we have become lazier the fact we don’t have to go out, find and kill our meal has made us less detached from what actually happens but if I had to pick I would go out and kill my meal. Please don’t thing I’m some crazy killer and to be honest think I would have to give sheep a miss but I would do it. Why? Well I love meat. Now I can see why some people don’t eat meat, as with most thing its all about making money and when you watch some of the programs about animal being miss treated it is not a nice thing so I can see why you would choose not to eat meat, my girl friend has become one of these people. I think it is a wonderful thing as when I think about it I could not do it.

So to the point, last night I had a roast dinner with everything you would expect from a meal like that but instead of meat we had a quorn turkey and it was fantastic. I was expecting something ok but not that good. It won’t take me away from eating meat but it makes my girl friend happy when we can have the same meal.

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