Film Festival

Last year my employers introduced a film festival, the idea is you and your friends (employees of the company) make a short film of whatever you want and enter it. There are some rules but nothing to restraining, to try and make sure people had a equal playing ground two weeks before the final films had to be in they gave you thing you have to have in the film or say at some point. I got t see the best of last year’s films and there were some really good ones and some not to good ones.

Well I have been asked to join one of the groups that are going to enter in this year’s competition and I’m starting to get quite excited about it, there is a good story and it needs some good effects. The date for this is not for a long time but I think to get it right it would need a lot of work so I’m starting to get to grips with the work it’s going to need. Instead of the usual editing it’s going to need some special effects to pull of the story and they will have to be good if we would like to have any sort of chance of winning, to be honest I think getting in the top groups would be nice as even if it did win I don’t think I would be one of the people going off the Hollywood.

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