Me and My Dads first gig

So my dad got tickets for the Van Der Graaf Generators who were playing at the Manchester Royal Northern Collage of Music on Wednesday just gone and seeing as he could not find anyone to go with him I decided to give it a go. Now the Van Der Graaf Generators have been going since 1967 and one of their first gigs was in Manchester, well it would be as they were all studying at Manchester University. They did break up but got back for a reunion 1975 – 1978 and made 3 new albums in 12 months. They got back together in 2005 and have been going since, it was not the full line up and I think it missed Dave Jackson (saxophone and flute) but Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and Guy Evans were fantastic.

I don’t think I would have gone if not for my dad but I’m glad he wanted to go as it was a good gig, one thing I did get from who they played is how their music has influenced music I hear today, with their quick tempo changes for a few seconds or for the rest of the song.


One quick note, I did notice that most of the people there were older than I am, I bit older. There was no point in the gig were there wasn’t someone going to the toilet, guess that’s something we all can look forward to.

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