Bands, days and Art

Hi everyone,

Ok lets start the blog, got a day off the other day and decided to get out and see some of our local heritage. Set off from Ramsbottom (not the nicest name for a village) but its at the bottom of Holcombe hill. At the top of Holcombe hill is Peel Tower which is built and named after Sir Robber Peel, he was Prime Minister 1841 to 1846 and the founder of the modern police force, hence the name Bobbys for police. So you can park at the bottom and walk up to the top, its not a long walk and when you get up there you can see for miles. The plan was to get some food in the town, walk up and have our lunch at the top which would have worked well if not for the freezing wind and the snow. It was still nice anyway.

We went to watch Jose Gonzalez last night at the Opera House, I have like Jose for some time but never had chance to see him live, like I said in a earlier post we booked the tickets a long time ago and I had completely forgotten about it until a few days before. So the night, well first off we got seats on the front row right in the middle so there was plenty of let room which was a nice change in the Opera house, the support act was good, Death Vessel which the name gave me the impression it would be rock, I don’t think I was the only one but it was anything but rock, Joel Thibodeau was very good, all he had was his acoustic guitar and I wonderfully distinct voice. To be honest if I had got the CD I would have said (70%) he was a girl. It is a wonderful voice and some very good songs. Right to the main act, most bands/artist sound fantastic on a cd and they should, they have probably worked on recording the single or album for some time to make it perfect, but being live they don’t have that luxury and they have to show the people who have paid to watch them that they can play and sing and Jose Gonzalez did and did it well. He sounded amazing and for me played better that his CD. To start the night just Jose came on and gave us some amazing songs and at some points I could not quite believe that it was just him playing one guitar as it sounded like there were 2 of them, half way through he was joined on stage by Joel Thibodeau and another person (who I cant find the name of) and this went on for half of the set, after 4/5 song Jose went back to solo for another 4 songs or so then the other 2 came back on for the last few. I have to say Teardrops was my highlight song but my girlfriend thought Hand on your hart was the better.


I went to Manchester Art Gallery the other day and not because it was close to payday and I was looking for something free to do and out of the rain but because they had an exhibit which I wanted to see. I think I can appreciate art but I’m my own way and this exhibit is for me. They have on show in the main foyer 2 huge metal objects, I was going to describe what they look like but after reading what the Manchester Art Gallery say I think I just cut and paste.

“Choe U-ram combines the latest precision engineering technologies with art to create robotic sculptures with echoes of organic forms. He uses cut and polished metals, machinery and electronics to create kinetic sculptures inspired by sea creatures and plant life. In a UK first for the artist, Choe U-ram is exhibiting two enormous robotic works, Urbanus Female and Urbanus Male, in the gallery’s atrium.”



And before I go don’t forget the new Hell Boy trailer is now out along with a new clip from Iron Man.

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  1. Hi Booncunian

    You might like to know that Manchester Art Gallery is running this event as part of the Asiea Trienial exhibition:

    Asia Triennial Manchester Tea house debates : Where technology meets art…

    Saturday 10 May 2008 – Saturday 10 May 2008
    2.00pm – 4.00pm

    Join us for an afternoon exploring the relationship between contemporary art and technology. An opportunity to find out more about contemporary artists working with automated technologies and to take part in discussions around the subject with artists and a curator from the gallery.

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