My Dad and Sister

So my parents like the majority these days have split up, that happened in 96 so we are talking a few years ago now. This was the thing that set my life off in a different direction that I thought it may go, slightly odd as I love my life now but to say im glad that it happened would be a nasty thing to say but I’m not quite sure what to say apart from I’m happy. Anyway the reason of this blog would not be about me to start but about the other people in my family, the main point I would like to bring would be my farther and my sister. After the break up I went with my dad and my younger sister stayed with my mum, I can’t explain why I made the decision I did but I did and I being the person I am now I would (however hard it is to say) not change it. After the break up my sister did not want to speak to my dad, I hope you can understand her decision as you have to coexist with someone going through a heart breaking time in their lives and the one thing that could hurt them which you could do is chat to the person who caused all this pain.

Now how this would affect me, well I hope it would stand out. When the other 2 members of our family being you dad and you sister don’t speak is a very hard thing. These are two people who everyone has to love but for me are people who I would love till the end of time, they are everything from the time that made me me (can you use me and me next to each other?) Anyway we are now in 2008 so we are talking 12 years on and in this time I would say that they have talked 4 times and this would be at times that have brought them together with out there option. I know my dad has made an effort and without fail every birthday there is something in the post, the problem I see is people get used to their surroundings, they have both got used to being without each other. I feel like they are both missing out on something very important in life and I feel like the only way this will ever change is down to me.

How can I change this? Well I’m the link! The only reason these 2 people are ever likely to speak to each other is through me, I can’t see after years and years of getting used to the other person not being around are the suddenly going to need to speak to the other person, why would you change something that is not causing you problems or sadness? Don’t forget you have spent the last 12 years getting used to that person not being there. Anyway back to me and what I can do, something! Would you not? For me this is a one off, if to goes wrong that will be it no second chances. Can I take that risk? Should I take that risk? Must I take that risk? I think my problem is the fear of it not working, I can live the world now that at some point in my life things will be better and if I try and it does not work that will be it.


I’m sorry for the spelling mistakes along with anything that may be wrong and I thank you for reading, you comment would be more than welcome for this problem and I would like anyone’s thoughts. Good night.

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  1. You should be proud of yourself for being the ‘link’. 🙂

    Sometimes it’s just impossible for us to make other people think the way we think, or the way we want them to think. But I think u can discuss with your sister on that matter. Good luck and take care.

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