So I now have a Xbox 360 and nearly all for GTA IV. I love this game and have everyone and I have been excited about tit for sometime but then I find out that it won’t be out on the PC until October. October! I would like to point out that the first game came out on the pc, where is the loyalty?

So it was PS3 or Xbox 360, well if you look at how much each costs and take away the fact that the PS3 has a blue ray drive (you can get them for the pc for around £70) the xbox was the best looking. Now I don’t just have spare money hanging around so my lively girl friend decided to help me out with the cost, well she is paying for it, just thought this post should go on about how my girl friend has just got a Xbox 360 and she lets me play on it! Ok so now I have GTA and a Xbox all I need is something to play it on, I could use the normal tv in my living room or even the 22″ TFT I have for my computer but hang on, what’s this?

It would be the projector I have, full high Deff and as you can see its a good and big image. The small monitor next to the image is my 22″ TFT so you can see the size. Now this is not as big as it can go, if I moved it to my living room you can fill a wall about 10 feet across.

Now about the game, I’m not going to go in to all the little new thing about this game, if you want to play it I think you should find out for yourself, that didn’t sound right, I mean it is nice when you come across something you think is cool and didn’t know about. The graphics are wonderful and that is not where it stops, they have taken a lot of time about the game play and now with the online side of things it makes this a game that you could play for a year and never get fed up with it, now pc users may have been there already and if not you should, for the last GTA game there was a mod that allowed online racing and that was a lot of fun.

I would like to tell you more and I have still not gone on about my racing day but to be honest I want to play more GTA!!!!!!!!


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