Xbox 360 wifi

So when you get your lovely Xbox 360 out of the box there is no Wifi, not a problem if you don’t want to use it but if you like playing online games this is a slight problem. You have 3 option, 1 – sit your Xbox next to your router and plug in via RJ45, 2 – buy the box Wifi usb thing but at £60 ish it is not cheap, 3 use another computer (ie a media centre) as I have done.

I have a media centre computer sat next to my TV for music and videos, this has a Wifi card that only cost about £10, you can connect your Xbox via RJ45 in to the back and jump on the internet connection is uses. You have to tell xp to share the Wifi internet connection and to allow other computers to use that connection but it works and only take’s 5mins to set up.

So now everyone is gone GTA IV mad myself and 4 other people at work have a little idea, working in a cinema with very big screens and a room full of portable digital projectors and internet it would be a crime not to set up 5 projectors with 5 Xbox’s with internet and play each other online. It would take a little setting up but I think it would look fantastic, will post a photo if I get chance.


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