New Media case

Media computers are part of the living room and I feel after about 5 years everyone will have one, you can access all your music and videos and even watch TV givent the right equipment. You can pause and recored live tv, I little like sky+. I have a media pc, this was my old computer so I decided to use it after I upgraded my desktop, it was either that or just through it in the bin. Any way back to the point and that would be the case, when I moved my old pc in to my living room it was just in a normal case, then the front broke so it was just a mettal front which started to look bad.

As the hot weather has come in and with the projector on for my big GTA sceen my bed room is getting very very hot so I found a nice mettel fan so at the same time I thought it would be a good idea of getting a case that looked aceptable. I got the case from ebuyer and it only cost £35, this may sound a lot bit the last to cases I had cost £80 / £170 so £35 is fine.

One problem In the hunt for the case was it had to fit a full form ATX motherbourd in, not the easiest to find (starting to sound geeky) but found one and here it is,


Only took about a few hours to get all the bits in but had to get a DVD drive as all the ones I have are front loaders and I needed one with a tray.

as you can see the case is a little diffrent, the power supply sits at the front of the case with a power lead from the rear, one hard drive sits a the very lower front end and you have to put that in before you put the motherboard in, the 2nd hard drive sits on the right had side verticaly. There are 2 DVD, both with spring loaded doors which are quite cool. There are 2 fans on the rear and I added another intake on the side, its nice the quite and looks realy cool with the blue look from the power button and the power supply. Due to the size of the case things do got a little cramped and there were a few time where I had to remove things just to get cables in.


As with every geek and his computer there is always something that could do with a little upgrade and on this one it would be the graphics card, I can get one which would run twice as fast for £30, a faster Cpu for this would cost another £30 add a few sticks of Ram to that at £20 and it would be a very nice little media center, not to say it does not do its job now it could just do it quicker.




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