I went camping last weekend, I would like to tell you where I went but I’m not exactly sure. I know it was in Wales and I know it was north, it is kind of on the very north tip, near that big power plant. I know it would appear that I had no idea where I was going but I did, it was just that GPS was telling me where to go. So anyway we wrere camping for my friend’s birthday, so me, my girl friend and Brain Splat all went over to Liverpool to pick the birthday girl up and then we were off. Once we got to the camp site to find that it only opens in august we then set off aging to find another and we did. It looked like one of those big houses you see in the film where everyone gets killed by the crazy lady, the lady happened to be nice but I’m sure they all are just before they kill you. We turned up and set up our tents and off we went for a walk before we tacked the BBq. The weather was not very nice, cold and raining but we were not going to let that get us down and just got on with it, we had a good walk and went around the cost for some time before it was time to get the BBq going. Now Brain Splat is one of the best BBQ’ers in the world and even though it was very windy and raining he still got all the food cooked and it was a wonderful meal.

So after a lot to drink we all went off to sleep just to wake up to a wonderfully sunny day, and what did we do with this day? Found a beach and sat there and what a nice day it was, did a little snooping around the rocks and has a few ice creams and burnt my nose but all in all it was wonderful. Didn’t get back till late and still felt knackered but it was a wonderful few days away and if I could remember where we went I would go again.



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