The Black Keys

For most people the big thing last night was the football and I did follow a little but last night I went to watch the Black Keys. They played last year and if you follow my posts you would know that I didn’t go and watch them as it was my flat mate’s girlfriend’s birthday and I help sort it out, all my other friends went and they had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. Well this time it was my go as they finally came back to Manchester at the Academy. What a band, he reminded me of Jose Gonzalez in the way of when they play you would think there were 2 people up there playing guitar. The music was fantastic and so was the beer, have not been to the Academy since it has been done up and I have to say I could not really see much change, maybe it was me and being slightly drunk and it was dark.

You know I don’t really like the plastic cups but they come in really handy when you need to hold your pint and do some clapping.

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