Was that just 7 days?

Ok, apparently I have not updated my blog in some time! So here I go.


Work! Very busy! So I thought Indiana Jones would be busy but I missed the pull of Sex and the City, it have been very busy. I have to say well-done to the woman of Manchester, not only did everyone seam to dress up for going out to watch Sex and the City but they all look fantastic, it has been a wonderful atmosphere in the cinema over the past few nights and that all down to the audience.

You know how ever sad it sounds work has been my week, I finished the stories on GTA much to my girl friends delight (got her some flowers yesterday just to say sorry). Watched the last of The Wire which was just awesome, one of the best TV shows ever made.


I’m going to the concert in Liverpool tomorrow, Paul McCartney, The Kaiser Chiefs and the Zutons are playing and I quote “including a very special international superstar guest.” It should be a good day, its going to rain but I would expect nothing less.


Ok ok, trying to think of ANYTHING I have done this week ……………………. I ate, at the Trafford centre, with my dad ………… watched Street Kings, American Gangster and Doomsday which I thought they were all great film, ok Doomsday just for the gore. Spotted some girl from Girls allowed visiting the cinema the other day, could not really tell you which one, its all a bit too thin and fake for me, sorry.


Nope that’s it, quite week, busy but quite.

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