Capital of culture, Liverpool sound

As most people know Liverpool won the Capital of Culture and they have been very busy spending lots of money to get ready for the event planned, I’m sure they won it quite some time ago. One of the big openings of this time for Liverpool was the Liverpool Sound, this was a big concert at Anfield in Liverpool, it was on Sunday just gone. You could not just buy tickets, you had to enter draw and if you were picked then you could get the chance to buy tickets, my girl friend was one of the lucky ones to win and she got tickets a few months back.

The line up consisted of The Zutons, The Kaiser Chiefs and Paul McCartney, there was also talk of a special guest which turned out to be true. So getting there was ok as my girl friend parents live over in Liverpool so we parked up there are got a life, didn’t take too long to get in and get some food and a drink. But like most big events that was the last drink we got as the queues where huge and it would have taken about 50mins just to get another drink, it did change our plans to stay in Liverpool as now I could drive back.

So the first up were The Zutons and they were very good, you could see how much they were enjoying playing to their home crowed. And it was about time I got to see a saxophone in action. I’m not the biggest follower of the Zutons but all the tracks I did know were played perfectly.


Next up was the Kaiser Chiefs who were fantastic, not just in singing and playing music but in getting the crowed going, to see a football stadium the size of Anfield doing the Mexican wave was great, they played some new songs, that new you could see him reading the stuff of a couple of sheets of paper on the floor, they also played some of the more well know songs which were just awesome live, it really got everyone going for the main attraction.




So it was starting to get dark, the atmosphere in the area was fantastic, we all were there for really one thing and that was to watch Sir Paul McCartney play liver in Liverpool. After seeing him live you can see why people take about him being such a good performer, it was just amazing. He played some of his new tracks and basically went back thorough the greats of his back catalogue. He also had a few medleys and even got ‘Give peace a chance’ in there. He also made a touching tributes to George Harrison – on ‘Blackbird’ and ‘Something’. The special guest of the evening turned out to be Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters how did a little drumming and some rocking guitar. All in all it was a very special night, topped off with Live and Let die explosive show and a huge fireworks display at the end of the night. I think its going to be one of them gigs I will be telling people about for many years to come.





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