Batman Dark Knight day 8

Nothing really to report, the film is coming but I still have 8 days till I get to see it.


One thing that did pop in to my mind is the day, I’m going to be watching it in the 12th at around 11pm, I’m going to Manchester’s Summer in the Park music festival that day. Its in Platt Fields and its on the 12th and 13th of July 08. The line up for both days looks really good, I’m not going to sit here typing them all up, don’t be lazy just click.

There is still a slight problem with this as well and that is my girl friend has not booked the day off from work and now she cant get it off, so I have to find someone else to go with which should not be a problem but I have this image in the back of my mind of me in a field drunk, drink more as I’m alone and then going to watch what may just be the best film this year, I would like to remember it in some way. Grrrrrrr


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