Batman Dark Knight day 6

So 6 days till I got to see one of my most anticipated films of this year (well its 5 as I didn’t blog yesterday).


I’m trying to keep away for all the clips you can view on the internet at the moment for Dark Knight, I decided to have the week before staying away from all the new stuff as I think it makes me want to watch it more and I’m not seeing any little extra stuff I don’t want to see, I’m a slight geek when it comes to stuff like that, I can sit with a new clip or a different version of a trailer and spot the 3 seconds of different footage compared to the last trailer, this is what happens when it becomes your work. So as I have no more new information (apart from today is when the films gets send from the US of A) thought I would bring you some other interesting information.

Batman Returns hit our screens in 1992, it was Tim Burtons second outing as director with our winged friend and I liked him as I director, he has this dark side to him which I think was exactly what batman needed and I think this can be seen when Joe Schumacher gets his hands on the next in the batman saga Batman Forever (TO MUCH NEON JOE). Anyway there are many facts you can read up on Batman Returns but one fact that seems to get missed is that is was the first film to have a Dolby Digital sound track, now hang on for all the people who would just switch off now, all the film lover and people who just dont like technology, if you enjoy films in any way shape or form this affected you in a big way. All the way up to Batman Returns sound was played in a 2 channel optical (analogue) track, this was left and right, there are slight alterations in the way the sound was mixed to give a slight surround sound channel but nothing that would add any serous definition to the surround sound track. Then we got Dolby Digital (think of Tape Vs CD) this is a 6 channel (left, right, centre, rear left, rear right and sub) and for the first time ever the sound could be mixed in a way when you could have whatever sound coming out of any 6 speakers. Ok that’s where I stop with geek talk and bring it in the ‘normal talk’. Lets say you are watching a clip from a war movie, Saving Private Ryan is a good example, the beach storming opening, in Analogue there would be explosions in the rear speakers as from all the speaker, the bass would be going with the big booms. In Digital there would be bullets from the left speaker with people screaming from the right, you could hear the engines from the boats in the left rear as that is where the camera has just left, as the camera turns the engines noise goes from left rear to right rear, the people screaming moves to the left rear and the bullets move to the left speaker, the sounds move around to fit the direction the camera is looking. With is new sound it added a new dimension to the viewing experience, its found on DVD and is now being introduced to HD TV.

There have been different version of ‘Digital’ sound from different people, from DTS to SDDS but 90% of the time at the cinema or at home you would be listening to Dolby Digital.


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