Batman Dark Knight day 5

I have nothing to tell you, its has not been a good day for 2 reasons:

Reason 1

I rent with a friend and we both have girl friends so there are 4 people living in a 2 bed flat, we got our electricity bill a few weeks ago and to topped £1400 and we owe £990. The reason for this was unknown but I had an idea. The water we have is an on demand hot water and an extra boiler for a boost. The on demand stopped working and my flat mate set the boost to come on 6am-11, 12-5 and 6-11, after doing some research and test I found that this puts out daily usage to twice what we would normally use! Twice and I know it would have but no one wanted to listen. So that bill will take a year to pay off.


Reason 2

Work, its hard when you have a team that work really hard, the people above me outside of the department on see when things go wrong and I don’t have a problem with that as its part of my job to make sure they know they have done good and reward them, I don’t have many areas open to me to reward my staff but one thing I can give them is early shows of films. So when I come to check a big film I can get them to come as if there is a problem its just my team that see the mistake, I have made mistakes just like my team and I don’t mind that they see this but from the department perspective I want to make my department look good. This has been the way since we opened and I would like to see it as a perk of the job, it turns out that there are some un happy soles that don’t like someone seeing the film before them and have through there teddies out meaning my hard working team are now not allowed this perk. I’m angry, pissed off and very close to stopping all show where I have let people come to, I know I’m not the one that would be affected, I know what it looks like and you would be right, I want to get one back, that’s what you do when you are pissed off.

To put so much work in to getting shows on for people, tiring to get an many as I can in so if people are working they can come to another, being to one who sorts out 99% of all the shows, its just not nice to put all that work in for the people you get these shows on for to stab me in the back.

I have a day off tomorrow and I’m going to cool down, if when I get back I still feel the same I’m going to stop it all, my team are not affected and that’s my number one priority.


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