Batman Dark Knight Day whatever!

Ok its here, came this morning and it should all be ready for Friday (tomorrow) night, this works well as I was expecting to be a little drunk Saturday night. This for all the Batman Geeks out there, the code name for the film is ‘Oliver’s Army’ anyone know what this would be? I have no clue.


So a few days have passed since I was last in work and I think I have had chance to calm down a little, how do I feel? The same, just not as intense. I have noticed it is making my mind wonder off what’s happening right now which I need to change and change right now. I still don’t think I have come to a complete conclusion of what exactly is making me feel this pissed off and unhappy. I’m sure I will work it out once I have a more clear perception of the events of the last few days. One thing I did notice today is if you get the combined anger of my team about this matter it does not even come close the my anger levels, this seems to make the people who are not happy a little more happy as they know I’m fighting for them on matters like this, this in turn makes me feel happier, its a strange world.



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2 responses to “Batman Dark Knight Day whatever!

  1. Hakubi

    Oliver’s Army is a song by Elvis Costello.

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