Day off

Decided to have a easy day, I did miss the first day of the Summer in the park but I do intent to go tomorrow. Anyway why I’m here, after doing a little searching in the wonderful internet and catching up on some blogs I came across what I would see as an international recognising of my blog, no not the guardian or anything like that but something better, The Manchizzle! I don’t know if you know of the blogger and if you don’t where have you been, and here is what she had to say.

‘Next is Booncunian, who calls himself “The Manchester blogger.” Here is a guy is really into the new Batman movie. I mean, like, REALLY into the new Batman movie, to the point where I’m wondering if the studio is paying him to write about it. If not, man, you’re missing a trick there.’


Yep I have missed the trick, I could have made a mint, having a look over the last few posts I would have to say she is right, very right. Well I will have a long wait until the next batman movie so lets hope I can move away from the subject of batman, I do say this wearing this t-shirt:


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