I have just seen Batman The Dark Knight

So here I sit, not 30 mins since I just watched Batman the Dark Knight nearly 2 weeks early. You may have noticed in my blog that the last week has not been a nice on at work, well without the down there would be no ups and tonight was a up, a big up.

Now before you turn away scared of me reviling plot twist and what happens don’t worry, there will be none of that. There will be a review but this is not going to be it as I’m not going to take anything away from a movie like this and what a movie, I sit in my flat with a beer still and it has still not quite sunk in that a film I have been waiting to see for a very long time has now come and gone.

I love movies, always have and always will, this movie is one of the movies you will never forget, a movie you will make you friends watch, you kids watch, the friends of your kids, the parents of the friends of your kids, just everyone. The first movie had to have character development, you can re create an icon and not develop the character the way you want it to be and the first movie did it very well, this movie we all know the character and away we go, action action action, guns, explosions, knives, more action, its never stops and it does it so well. There had been reports (by me) that this movies was going to be darker than Begins and it is, but with the subject of a man who dresses like a bat to fight very evil people the dark side just adds so much more to the feel of the film.


As you would expect Christen Bale is perfect for the role, and did a wonderful job in the last movie as he does with every project he lays his hands on. The persons I was looking forward to seeing was Heath Ledger, we all know his films and the type of actor he was, like Bale there was something very special about the way he worked and the relentless effort he put in, after his death in January Batman would be his last film, the one we would all remember be it good or be it bad, I cant think of him being in a role like the joker and I have to stay he was perfect, there are no words that can really emphasize what in trying to say, just flawless from start to finish.


As I end this blog (its now 2:20am) I want to cover how you see this film, we all know watching a film at the cinema is better, big screen, better sound, all that. Please please please if you have been looking forward to watching this film, in any way shape or form, please watch it in Manchester’s only Imax at the Printworks. From watching films for a passion and a job for the last 28 years please take it from me that the Imax in the only place you want to see this movie, the sound through this movie is so powerful it almost makes you inside sing with vibration and when the full frame imax shots kick in you just sit pinned back in you seats, its just hart stopping.

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  1. kudos to the makers Dark Knight for their record breaking opening weekend… it’s no wonder there’s talk of another one coming out ASAP

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