I missed the music in the summer

I would have liked to have gone along to the summer in the park festival but I did not, 2 things cropped up that make it more difficult to go, one not having much money and the other was someone to go with. I was already to go on my own but after finding out that the tickets were more expensive on the door the money came back in to the equation. I did read a comment on one of the Manchester bloggers post and the person who made the comment said it was expensive, they ran out of beer and food so it can’t be all bad that I didn’t make it there.


Work has been interesting, I have 2 new jobs going in my department so it was interviews yesterday to find two new people for the full time position, I like doing interviews and like the one to one but the thing I don’t like is trying to pick someone who will probably be with us for many years. It also trying to find someone who will fit in with the team and work in a very quick, stressful environment and not just leave a few months down the line. Well I still have the rest of the day to come to some sort of conclusion. Hope it’s the right one.

Another thing that popped in to my head this week is a week of the beer, I have to say I have become very in live with beer and wine and most nights I will have a little drink or two, it’s not every night that I get blasted before you think I need to have a sit down with the AA but just a few drinks a night. Think it would be a good thing for mind and body to spend some time not drinking. Not tonight but soon!


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