The start of flat hunting

September the 1st is the end of my current contract, so I would like to be out and in to the new place in the last week of August. Not too sure what its like with everyone else but I could do with doing a little painting and odds and sods to get as much deposit back as I can.

So even though its 5 weeks before I have to move myself and my girlfriend walked round Manchester stopping in all the estate agents to have a look at flats and get on the mailing lists. Number 1, I know its 5 weeks away and a little early but does every estate agent have to point out the obvious? What happened to the early bird catching the worm? I would like to get a feel for what’s on the market and for what price its going for before I jump in to 12 months if that’s ok. Number 2, do all estate agents get some sort of commission for getting people to move to Castlefield? I don’t have a problem with Castlefield but for me its on the wrong side of town.


I have to say most were nice people who were willing to have a look what’s on the market but there were a few who were crap, I mean really crap. I can’t understand why they would be like this, its a business and you take everything you can get. May be its my super hero t-shirt, bet if I had got my suite on things would have been a little different.


So list of wants:

1 bed flat,

Car parking


City centre : Ancouts, Green Quarter, Northern Quarter, Piccadilly Bison, and anywhere in between.




Open Brickwork


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