JukeBox V1.0

I have a few touch screen monitors I got from work some time ago, I have used them just to run windows and media centres before but after having a look of different software available for touch screen monitors I decided to make a jukebox. The software is not that expensive and there are a few available (eg Touchtone, Album player). I like the Touchtone and have the demo running now and its a nice easy to use program, there are also different skins you can use to design your own, it works with last.fm and other internet radio sites, you can also play cd’s.


Now if im going to have a jukebox in my living room its going to have to look nice (and my Girlfriend agrees) as at the moment it is just a touch screen monitor bolted to pc!

I would like it not to look like a jukebox, not to look like a computer and hidden in something that looks good, the main option I’m looking at is getting something from IKEA not too expensive and using that as the case for the screen and computer but like most things I do I want it to be something a little better looking and have some sort of wow factor. So my favourite options are:

1: Up and Out.

This would be to have the monitor hidden to the top half of whatever I put it in, once the power was turned on or a button pushed the monitor would rise out of the top at a slight angle. The monitor would push a panel cut out in the top of the unit. Once it was turned off the monitor would lower back in to the unit.


2: Flat and Flush

The monitor would be lead flat in the top of the unit, it would be flush with the top. Once powered on the monitor would rise at the back until it got to a certain angle, once again when powered off it would lower.


At the moment I think the up and out would look better and from what I can tell it would be easier to do than flat and flush and all the other ideas I have had.


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