Jukebox V1.1

We see our first step on the home Jukebox ladder, its not a bit one bur its still a step.


Yes the screen is now at a slight angle! And can change angles! Ok I know this is not a massive step forward but still it makes it much easier to see the screen and use the system.

After spending some time look around at different ideas I have made a small change to the design the makes it possible for the monitor to move up and down,

Instead of setting the runners on the inside on 2 different supports I think the unit would be most stable if the runners were set on the inside against a frame which would do most of the supporting of the monitor, I also think that this would make the movement of the monitor more smooth. And if the actuator does not have adjustable stoppers it would make it easier to put micro switches on the top and bottom to cut the relay powering the motion.


I have been working on the wiring diagram which is proving too complicated to a novice like myself, a lot is depending on how the actuator takes commands to move up and down. If there is a single command (ie one pulse for up, one for down) it would not be too bad but if the unit needs the voltage to be reversed for a different motion it could take some thinking and work before I can come up with something that would work, if not I have seen unit capable of controlling actuators, it would be simple to change the remote to the buttons I’m going to use.


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