Good afternoon one and all,


So I have a week off, had to take some time at some point and seeing as I have about 3 weeks left I thought now was as good a time as any. So what I’m I going to do? Well apart from playing on some new Xbox 360 games I go the other day looking a flats would be one of the main things, got about 13 booked in for Monday and another 4 on Wednesday, I hope to find a new place to live out of that list but if not I have some time to have another look around.

Got a really nice email of my boss, his boss and then his boss for all the work I had put in over the last week and the problems at work, you know I never expected it but I cant tell you what a good feeling you can get from something so simple as an email, I think its just the fact that tease people took time out of there day to say thanks, its nice.


To leave you with something I spotted walking round the other day,


Can this be called an ‘Action Figure’ hahaha, this is just not right.

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