Found a flat

Unknown to me this time of year is not the best to look for flats, it would seem that all the students and post grad students would be looking for and snapping up all the flats in Manchester, ok not all but to give you some idea after looking round a flat at 12pm but 2 it had gone. So after spending all day Monday and part of today looking we decided on a nice flat in the Green Quarter. I didn’t tick every box but I done think you are going to get open plan and nice exposed brick work in every flat are you?

So the Green Quarter, I used to park my car in the area for many years and they were building back then, looking at the area now it would look that its coming to the end of the build with only one more main tower to go up so hopefully it wont be long before the Green Quarter has some green in it, it is very close to work and many of the pubs I like, I have some friends who live there, I’m looking forward to moving in which should be at the end of the month.

All I have to do now is move everything, that weekend will be a long one.


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