Getting ready to move

I’m getting ready to move and its great, I have what I can only describe as a mountain of boxes but I’m getting there. As the packing moves forward so does the painting, at the moment don’t think I’m happy unless I’m packing or painting, its going well as I now find I only have to touch up instead of painting the entire wall which is a big time saver.


I had to go to B&Q last week to get something for my wooden floor, when going back to my car I noticed a green car with its alarm going off just a few cars down from mine. As I got closer I could see someone in the car, I went to get in to my can to see what would have been a 5 maybe 6 year old girl crying her eyes out lack in the car. Well what could I do, its raining and windy and all I could do was stand outside her car telling her everything was going to be ok as she cried, she kept shouting ‘ I want my mummy’ ‘I want to get out’, now if someone had locked me in a car I would want to get out. After about 10 mins of me waiting I decided the only thing to do was call the police, not 999 but the control room, they put me straight through to emergency response. After about 10 mins a lady came to the car and opened it, I asked is this you little girl to which she replied yes, at this point I launched in to a rant about what a poor human being she was and how it was disgraceful she could do something like that, I got back in my car and set off back home. Just as I was going to pull out of the car park I stopped, turned around and parked back up just a few cars down, I spotted her going in to another shop and this is what I told the police when they turned up 5 mins later. I said there is not much you can do now but the officer said this was not going to stop him from having a good chat with the lady.

You know I could just not believe that you someone could leave there child, locked in car.

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