Moving Day

Well I have moved, it took me the last 2 days and I still have a few things to get from the old flat, not quite sure where all this stuff came from. It was not an easy day as it was just me moving everything, I had a trolly which made the heavy lifting very easy but it was nice to go at my own speed, I think even if I had a army of people helping me move it still would have been a long day.


Its slightly odd being in a new place, don’t forget before my last flat I lived in a house for about 7 years, the last flat homed me for 1 ½ years so I’m still getting used to the moving around, I think at the moment it feels a little like a hotel just with all my stuff here. And it everything you expect from moving, nothing really has its place yet, you get things out of boxes just to put them back as you have no where to put them but I’m sure a trip to Ikea for some storage solutions would help.



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