A week and a bit in

So its been just over a week and my new flat is starting to feel like home, I had my old flat inspection a few days ago and I thought there would have been a few things deducted but nothing was so I should be getting it all back if the DPS gets there finger out.

I have started to notice how long everything takes, it takes mim 10 days for the deposit to come back to me. Internet, 2 weeks! Why do thing take so long and this is quicker that say a year ago. May be its just me.


So anyway going to get a new TV with the deposit, that started at £411 for a 37 inch LCD and has now gone up to £587 for a good quality 37 inch LCD, I’m hoping I don’t find a better one than that in a few weeks. Finally got my car in its car parking space but it takes some time to get it in and out each time (see the photo).


Well I wish I could stay and chat some more but I’m at work (ITS GOT INTERNET THANK GOD) and I have to go.


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