So after a long battle with the DPS as they didn’t have me down as the lead tenant it would seem that things are going well, I put my claim in to get the full deposit back and now the status has changed to ‘Possessing Payment Request’. I’m not 100% what these means but I would say it means things are moving on. I would like to point out one thing, when I came to pay the money came out of my bank on the day, when I come to get it back it takes weeks! Why is this? One a silver lining I get the interest back which pumps up the total to £740. Now its just down to when will I get the money back.


I have to remember that there was a chance that I was not going to et all of it back and I had set a goal of £600 so there is a bit more to pay with now, did I say play with? I mean spend on a TV!


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