Weekend of TV

Hallo there you lovely Manchester dwelling people.


I have not been blogging as much as I would have like for some time now, think it all breaks down in to a few areas that could have affected this.

  1. Just moved flats.
  2. Lack of internet connection
  3. Work is very busy

So I’m all in now, as the title of the blog may hint I now have a TV, you may think that this is not really important in a life and I would agree but not, we all watch TV and films and films are my friend, so I got a new tv, well I say new we just got our very first tv and what a TV. Prices have dropped very rapidly over the last few years when it comes to Plasma and LCD and with the cheaper LCD catching up in quality it was time to get one.

After searching around (that’s what I do) for a good few weeks I finally found the LG 37LF75, 37 inches of 1080i High definition glory, it took some haggling at Richer sounds, well I just stood there while he came down in price for about 30mins until he told me that I should go buy it from somewhere else as that’s as cheap he could go. I have now moved all my computer as that was our make shift tv for the time and now everything has its place.

Be final connect me to their internet after messing round for 2 weeks, to begin I was not too impressed with the time it took to get things sorted out but I have to say they are slowly getting better, the internet connection is very very fast, the fastest I have seen and I look around. So now I can email, blog and facebook like a trooper. I have to say not having the internet when you move could be the worst time to go without. So now I can catch up on some TV shows and the World Wide Web community.


My boss is off and has been for the last 2 weeks, I have someone keeping an eye on what I do so I can keep an eye on what my boss does, its working sort off. I cant expect anyone just to step in to my role and not make any mistakes or get everything covered but I have to say he is doing a good job and has made this time that my boss is off much easier to cope with. One thing I have been dealing with this the word premier of Ryan Gigs DVD where all the Manchester United Team are coming to the Printworks on Thursday evening, to be honest if it was Blackburn Rovers I would be excited but ManU are like marmite, you love them or hate them. I hate marmite.


So one more week at work then I have 2 weeks off, it has been a very long time since I have had a full 2 weeks off at the same time and I’m looking forward to it.

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