Computer reinstalls

I think most of us have computers now, well if you are reading this you will have unless you have a wifi connection implanted in you skull, that’s a good idea (note to self, skull-fi) and I think most normal people just use and use them, I think is we all have had that computer that run’s slower that when you first got it out the box and that’s the same with mine. Looking through all the software I have on it its no wonder, so the best way to clear it all up is to reinstall the operating system, it gets rid of everything you don’t really need and if you really do need it just reinstall it. Another thing I think it sorts out is all the conflicts that happen with running a computer over a long period of time.


So back up everything you want to keep, photos, music, files and documents is the first thing. I have done a reinstall a few times now and there is always something you forget and I was sure that this time would be no different. Away I went to reinstall everything and this would be my 1st time with Vista, when you reinstall everything Vista puts the old operation system in a folder for you so when you are sure you have everything you can just delete it, what a good idea and it worked. I tell you my computer runs like a dream now, I have a few programs to install but nothing big. It seems to set up with things like my Xbox and everything else it connects to much easier this time round but that was after installing about 50 updates. I only have to get the 2 tv tuners working and this duel windows media centre screen thing and I’m done, not bad for just one days work seeing the last time took me about a week to get everything done.


I guess that’s one thing of my list of things to do while on holiday, hang on 2 off, went to Ikea and got a chest of draws, not that exciting but I did get some booze as well, yey!

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