So I find myself just over half way through my holidays, it’s really nice having 2 weeks off together and this is only the 2nd time I have ever done it, I think you get a week in and you realise you have another week left, its cool.

So first week was relaxing, we as much as I could. I started to watch a TV show called Entourage, it is set around a movie star and all his friends who keep his world going round, it may not sound that interesting but it’s a very good show, an Emmy award winning show and its from HBO (The Wire, Sex and the City) so you know it should be good.

You can watch season 5 now on UK tv but I would advise if you like just one episode go and get season 1-4, its just a really easy, funny show to watch and if you enjoy movies it gives you some idea to the world behind the stars. Another really nice thing is the amount of cameos from big stars.



Its bit of a big week for all the TV views around the world. Not only do we see the start of season 2 of Californication, It is like Sex and the City for blokes and David Duchovny plays a wonderful part and its good to see him on the little screen again. Heroes season 3 is now back and its has some work to do with a poor season 2, well the end of season 2, well it was down to the righter’s strike but the season was finished off very very quickly. We also see the start of season 2 of Chuck, I think it’s a funny show but I’m a bit of a geek and its that type of show most of the time. Another show back up and running is The Unit, a special secret army in America, when all else fails you give these fella’s a call.


Not just TV!

I have done some painting around the flat, just some touch ups here and there, I have to take my car in for a service which will be the 1st service I have every paid for, I used to do all my own servicing on my cars but I thought it was time with a newer car I would get it done correctly. I have been out drinking quite a few nights and it been fun, managed to get a few bands in there while drinking as well, even managed to catch a friends band which I had been meaning to do for some time. We were going to go swimming today but after a heavy night of drinking the lovely girl friend didn’t feel too good this morning so I kinda got out of that! Yay!


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