Email to TK Max

I’m am truly shocked that a large company like TK Max would sell a coat with a knife, in the world we live now there are more and more attacks with weapons like knifes and now you have put a weapon like this in the hands of anyone who would want to buy a coat.


As you statement says

‘We buy a huge range of products from thousands of international and reputable brand owners. In this particular instance, we bought coats from a Swiss brand which were to have been shipped to us without the knives.

We were surprised, therefore, to learn that some of the knives had not been removed before our stores received them. This was by no means intentional and we greatly regret that this has occurred.’

You were aware that the coats had been designed with the knife attached and at no point did anyone check to make sure that the knife had been removed, I’m not a type of person who would wish ill of anyone but the person who should have done the checking should no longer work for you, every mistake has its consequences and this one could lead to the death of someone by the knife you sold.


I hope this email will reach someone that feels as disgusted as myself and TK Max will never make such a poor mistake again.

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