Change of Job?

So there is a job that has just come up that I think I’m going to apply for, its working for the same company but at a different site and I would be the boss so one up on my current role. Its more money but with a 20min drive (free parking tho) against my 10 min walk.

I think the job would be easier against my current role, like most jobs when you go up one you end up with more responsibility but that’s nothing I’m scared of.


I just think its odd, I really really enjoy where I work now. I would with some of the best people I have ever had the pleaser of working with, they are just so nice and I know my job inside and out and I’m challenged most of the time, I good at what I do so why change? I not really board with my job.


The money in the new job is good and would be welcome, I think the job has challenges to offer and I think they could be fun, I think I would have more of a home life as the work load would be less, I think it’s a step up, its operationally the same size as where I am, I think there are things to change that would improve the way the place runs, I think it would be mine,


Ok good Vs bad



More travelling

Bad traffic

Fewer complexes (I like challenges)

Not my team

More petrol



Good –

More money

My own department


Set up

Top of my game

Fewer complexes (it’s also a good thing)

Chance to offer real changes


I am going to apply for it as an interview is a 2 way thing, I do have an amount of money in my mind which they would have to meet.


I don’t know, no one like change.




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