Quantum of Solace

So I got chance to see Bond a little early, working in the cinema industry has its advantages! Well that and getting paid to watch it.


So before I start I wanted to talk about the Jack White and Alicia Keys new Bond song Another way to die, I first heard it about 6 weeks ago and didn’t like it at all, it just didn’t sound right even with Jack Whites magic on the strings but then I watch the film and its like a switch when off in my head, after seeing the film the song has completely changed in my perception, its just fantastic, its just the song a Bond film needed.



Ok the film, lets not kid ourselves its not going to be a Casino Royal, that film completely re invented Bond and in a good way. After we all had seen Casino Royal our expectations had been changed so to have the same impact with Quantum was going to be hard. The film starts exactly one hour after the last left off and this fits in very well and it almost like you just jump straight in to the action with no need of a refresher. From the first frame to the last Quantum is far more action than the last, its not as in-depth as the last and I thought had less of a storyline, I even found the sub story slightly more interesting than the main story.

Don’t get me wrong, its just a wonderful film, give it a few months and get both Casino and Quantum watch them back to back and it would be one of the best Bond film fest ever.


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2 responses to “Quantum of Solace

  1. I agree with the comments about it not being in depth, but you’re also correct to say that Casino set the bar rather high with all its little touches and clever ways of bringing in familiar themes that this would never live up for a Bond fan. Another observation is the complete lack of gadgets, but again that’s something they’re maybe doing to go more back to the harder Bond than the gadget-using ladies man.

    I enjoyed the film but because it lacked the nods to old Bond of the previous film and also lost most of Bond’s usual accompaniments (women, gadgets etc.) it occasionally felt rather hollow. Still some good action and more watching will probably take place once it’s on DVD.

    • booncunian

      your right, i never thought about the gadgets, well you get guns and cool looking computers but nothing that is not possible.

      i really enjoy the new look of Bond, is something more believable. i did think the action started down the road of films like Bourn, very close shots and sometimes very hard to follow the action when it gets show on a big screen but this would only be a small gripe and its a shame we have to wait another 2 years or so before we get the next instalment.

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