A new week

What a week, New President and the right one in my eyes and if it had been the other way I would have abandoned America forever, it was good to see Obama win the electoral and popular vote. On the run up to the election the general feeling at work was it was going to be a close vote but the numbers say otherwise and I’m so glad.

So the night of the election I was working on quite a large event in Manchester, I say large, it would be C list celebrity big event but after the show there was an after show party, if you ever go to a large event and after there is a after show party and about an hour after the event you notice a bunch of fellas turn up not dressed up they would be the techs working on the event, it was nice to spot some celebrities you get to see on TV every day but the nicer thing was the free bar and we took full advantage of that, I even got a few bottles of wine to ‘take home’ and some goodie bag which would have been more suitable of I was a girl.



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