Canon 450D and Jessops

So its my lovely girlfriends birthday tomorrow and I asked her what she would like to mark 23 years of being alive knowing she had been looking at dress makers dummies which are around £140, so when I got a Digital SLR back as an answer I need to get my skates on. My girl friend know what I’m like, I won’t buy anything until I have read every review on the planet, I like to make educated decisions and I would like someone who knows what they are talking about to tell me if its any good or not.

Well the Canon 450D came out on top for what she needs it for, the Sony was a close second. So off to Jessops we went last night to get the camera of her dreams, got it all sorted about 10mins before they close and off home we went, got back and I said I would cook and she could sit and play with her new camera, out it comes with all the cables, cards, camera body ………………. No lenses. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant quite tell you how I felt, angry and frustrated would be in the same park. Before we all start it would be the body and lens I asked for and I know you can just get the body. So got up early this morning ask being at work today for 14 ½ hours was not enough and set off back to jessops ready for a battle on my hands, the price of the lenses is £170 and the difference between the body and body + lenses was about £20, I was the first person through the door and after explaining what I wanted and what I got I was poised to explode at the slights hint that it would be a problem and it wasn’t, in anyway, they were the most kind and helpful people I have ever been served by, I even got £10 off for the mistake, I’m still sat here 6 hours on slightly gob smacked on how good they were, so I would recommend the Jessops on Deansgate if you ever need anything in the camera world.


As for the camera its perfect, once I get to play with it I’ll try and get a little review from a ‘not quite sure’ photographer.


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