Imax Batman Begins and Dark Knight back to back

I have been told that Manchester Imax will be running Batman Begins and Batman Dark Knight back to back from the end of November, you only have to get one ticket and there will be a 20/30 min gap between films to have a walk, or cig. Both films will be showing in the Imax screen and at 85 feet wide and just as high.


I have had chance to see both movies in the Imax and on good old 35mm and I can’t tell you what difference there is, it’s just awesome!



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4 responses to “Imax Batman Begins and Dark Knight back to back

  1. Found this blog post through Google – I too have heard of this and as I haven’t seen either film yet (I have them on DVD but not yet the system to do them justice) it has interested me. However I’ve been unable to find any indication of this over on the Odeon website. Do you happen to have any links for this?

    • booncunian

      the back to back has just finished, last week i think. its a shame and even i didnt get chance to go see them this time round. i have to say that both movies just look fantastic on the big screen. Dark knight may be comming back in the new year.

  2. Gah, that’s annoying – why miss out the holiday season! Thanks for the info anyway, I’ll grab your feed so if you hear anything, post it up (I’m away from Manchester outside of holidays see).

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