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Hi all,


Ok I got chance to watch some good movies over the past few days, The Fall and Lars and the real girl. I don’t really want to go in to too much detail about the movies,

The Fall is a story about a man in hospital in the 30’s I think, I little girl befriends him and he tell her a tale of love, pirates, danger and friendship, its only after some time you realises the story is a little too close to home. The story is wonderful and keeps you locked in from start to finish but the film is just beautiful to watch, it has some of the most spectacular shots I have ever seen and in HD it makes you mouth water.

Lars and the real girl is about a man who doesn’t seem to have any friends, cant communicate to anyone and ends up very very alone, so he buys himself a sex doll, not a cheap one but a doll that looks very life like, he treats this doll like she is real and you see a real change in the ways Lars deals with real life. When I first viewed the trailer I thought I was going to be slightly more funny but I’m glad it wasn’t, it’s a real hart warming movie and it makes you feel very good once it is over.

Madagascar 2 starts in a few weeks in Manchester’s very own Imax, the first moves was entertaining but it looks like they have taken the new one to a new level, having seen some footage it looks to be a very funny movie and showing on the biggest screen you will ever see can only help to make this a wonderful pre Christmas movie.

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