If you are not familiar with the work hackintosh it is the hacking of mac products, the context I’m looking at is the operation system Leopard.

For me it’s the cost, Apple hardware is very expensive, for a new macbook pro you would be looking at £1500, its a lot of money. You can hackintosh a normal pc to run the mac OS, it takes some time and there are so many problems you can hit along the way but its something I think I’m going to give a go and for one reason, FinalCut Pro, the mac video editing software. I do now use Adobe’s Premier Pro CS4 with After effects and it’s a very good video editor but I would say the mac version is more friendly to the user.


So I think my current hardware will work:


Mobo – Asus A8N-SLI

CPU – AMD 3600

GPU – ATI X1950

That’s the main lot, everything else would just be a case of finding the relevant hacked drivers to get working, for looking around the main problems people have with the install is the lack of working sound and network connections, well I think its worth a go and lets hope it works.

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