Not the best week to be ill


I am ill and have been for the past few weeks, it all started 3 days in to my week off, I finally get time to take some holidays and I’m Ill/ well now I’m back at work and instead of 2 people running the department there is just me so a lot more work and still ill, you know its not the illness that is taking its toll it’s the fact I can’t sleep due to coughing all through the night that has the biggest effect and is really making me feel very run down.


Work is making life slightly more hard to get through, explaining to stupid people that yes its in HD but if you put the image through £500,000 projector it will look better that the £8000, they are still both HD! Its on Blu-ray …… laptop ……hang on …… laptop ….. no blu-ray. I know what its is, its not being well, my ability to put up with this when I’m ok is good, when I’m ill I don’t take much shit.

Something I wanted to talk about is my ability to attract odd people, I don’t know if other people have this problem but I do. Its been something that I thought everyone had but today made it stand out, I happened to be outside and got collared by someone who told me all about his school upbringing, he went then another bloke came along to tell me all about him mobile phone, you know I would not mind if this was a 2 way conversation but its not, just someone wanting to have a grip to someone, I bit like a blog (at least you can just stop reading)


So on my week off a managed to get some filming done for my sister, she wanted like a feel good DVD, the new staff she has just taken on did a presentation about where they have come from to get to this point of going back to work. My sister had put a lot of work in to this and I wanted to make sure it looked very good, so I got all the filming done and started working on the montage, my sister has never seen anything I have done before and when she got to see the finished video she was very happy, it was nice that I could do this for her. There were another group filming the same event and there footage was going to be shown at the big event where everyone got the jobs, but it would seem that I can out do a professional filming company as they decided my footage had captured the event better, yay!

So I started this blog a few days ago and I’m just getting round to finishing it now, I’m feeling better, I got my first full night sleep last night, my head is still sore but its just nice to get some sleep, maybe now I can go down to the Christmas market and have a few drinks!



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