Day the earth stood still

So having a few days off I managed to go see Day the earth stood still.


Now as a general rule I’m not a big fan of re makes, I do think if done right it can be a good thing but most of the time a good film which made loads of money is picked and they just want to make more money so re make it and fuck it up, or they just poor special effects on it and expect it to do well. Day the earth stood still is a little different and tries to make it feel more modern and address its self to modern problems and politics. I love the 1951 original and as with many films of the time didn’t rely on big expensive effects to make a good film, the new one dose have such effects but underneath it’s a good film, its got its holes as I expected but I didn’t mind them, Keanu has the role down to the T and what film can go wrong with John Cleese in it?



I’m not going to lie if in a year its on save on DVD for £5 I won’t buy it but its not a bad film, think its just a one watch film, looking round the cinema tonight after this film has been out for a good few weeks and its still doing well, may be a grower? Well there is not much else to watch at the moment, the new year will bring some more movies out that will make most of us pee a little!



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