No man’s land

I do like to think of the time after Christmas and just before new years as no man’s land, no one is quite sure what to do, we all go back to work for a few days knowing we will be off aging for some fun and drinking so we kind of just get through. To be honest it’s a nice break from drinking as the last 5 days have been hard on the old liver, but it is the festive time and fun is to be had.


So after doing 350 miles in 3 days it all worked out well, I had a really nice festive time even with all the drinking involved. I got my really nice retro Casio watch so now I can tell the time without looking at the sun, Christmas would not be Christmas without socks, YAY! Some supper cool t-shirts (Best is the silver surfer), box of smelly stuff, beer (YAY again) a board game (thanks to the girl friends brother for keeping it retro) and cash, 28 and I still get cash off my parents, its just awesome. So with my new cash flow I decide to sink some of it in to more of a musical fund, yes Guitar Hero 4, I can now play with all the greats and sound just as good and it’s just so cool.


So as I said it’s the few days of winding down and its welcome after the Manchester – Sheffield – Manchester – Liverpool – bury – Manchester – Liverpool – Manchester 3 days, it’s a good job I love my car. So I’m just coming to the end of the first of 2 days at work, nice 13 hour days though so tomorrow will just be as long as today but then I’m off for a few days and back for one before being off for a few days again. It’s a good job as I have a list of things to do around the flat one of which is play guitar hero but that seems to be missing of the list my girl friend gave me, strange, typo maybe?


I think this Christmas will be remembered for all the people I got to see, I nearly got to see everyone who I care about over the 4 days and I got it done without someone being unhappy I was late or not there on such a day, its been a while since it all came together this well, that said I’m going away next year.

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