A Sony Surprise

I have a lovely Sony laptop which I have had for just over a year and its been great, it should seeing it cost so much. I have had no problems with it at all and with computers dying around me like fly’s it seems like a good thing to have.


After 6 months one of the little rubber feet that stick to the bottom of my laptop came off and I lost it, it really didn’t have any affect to me using the laptop until another one came off the now the laptop kind of slides around on my desk or just slides off lecterns which is not a good thing. So about 2 months ago I raised the problem with Sony and the communication went between us until they said they would call and sort this problem out, I didn’t get that call. So after the other day where my laptop would not stay on a lectern I decided to get it fixed, I re opened the complaint and was greeted with your laptop is out of the 12 month guarantee, well that’s no good so I called up Sony to find there was nothing the man on the end of the phone could do even after I argued the point that the problem had been raised during the 12 month cover, he told me the only way to get the problem fixed would be for me to buy the sticky feet, at £19! For that price I would expect little gold Vaio sign imprinted in each one and a little diamond where the point goes, I told him that I was unhappy with the fact Sony were not going to do anything about my problem and getting ripped off in the same phone call would make me even more unhappy.

So that was the end of the call, the case closed and I was going to have a look on ebay or something like that to find something I could chop up a little to make fit, until this afternoon when I got a call off Sony saying there were sorry and as a good will gesture they would send the out free of charge, I have to say it surprised me as the phone call the day before gave me the impression it was imposable for that to happen.

I have to say well-done Sony, after the 1st phone call I looked around for someone at Sony to complain to and found many stories about people unhappy with their service and I thought I should make sure people know how happy I am with their service.


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