Watchmen gets Foxed up

So 20th Century fox dont like us enjoying movies and have started once again to try and screw it all up, they have claimed that the rights to Watchmen are there’s and they want them back of Warner’s, now that’s ok but why would you do such a thing 3 months before it comes out?


Watchmen is due out in the UK in march, if the courts decided the Warner’s have the rights (decision on 20/01/2009) then it will come out but if Fox win report I get say its going to be 2011. I spoke to someone who has see it and he says its fantastic, its should be an 18 cert as there is loads of nudity and violence, its nice when you get a film like this and they don’t cut bits out just to make it a 12A, unlike Fox and the fact they are tiring to make the new Wolverine movie a 12A.




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2 responses to “Watchmen gets Foxed up

  1. i dont why its not like america if its an 18 kids should be allowed to watch it with parent or guardians

    • booncunian

      you should watch a film called ‘this film is not yet rated’ it all about the differences between the BBFC and MPAA, it is a really good film and shocking in areas.

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