Windows 7

Lets talk windows 7, windows 7 is going to be the next operating system from Microsoft and on the back of Vista it need to be a good one, personally I don’t have any problems with Vista and kind of like it. I admit that it has its problems and copying files and getting driver have always been harder than it should be, I did have high hopes for Vista and I think, like most of the world, these expectations were not met. Its not bad, just not as good as it could be.


So Windows 7, Due for release in 2010 at the start but now the date seems to be more like mid 2009 and good. From what I can tell it is really a vista base and all they are going to do is fix it and add some extras to make it more up to date. So its going to look better, be easier to use and one of the main extras is going to be the touch factor, a lot of multi touch aspects for all aspects of the OS.

I can be honest, Mac OS is a good OS and its very easy to use, it has both sides covered, its easy for the people who have problems turning the computer on and complex enough for people who get the old 486DX2 jokes but its just not for me, I like it but if I ever got a Mac I would, 100%, have XP/Vista/Windows 7 installed on it. As times move on I’m starting to see both Os’s come together, both of them picking up ideas from one another and both having problems (well Mac’s more recently as they grow in success) but after seeing Windows 7 I would say that this is the next step in bringing both OS’s closer.


As for Windows 7 its just fantastic, quick (quicker than Vista), very quick boot up, easy to install, no problems with drivers at all (it installed easier than vista for some devices), running a duel desktop works wonderfully well (much better that vista). I could go on and could even list every new thing that’s going be on there but I’m sure there will be someone else with more finesse with words than me will explain it all.


The Few things that made me smile, one is the option to have the wallpaper changing at set intervals (yes I know the Mac dose this) and how easy the display setting are, I could have installed the ATI controller software but windows 7 handled it very well. There are little things like the way you can now see different things by just hovering over the tool bar icons and each area splits down in to different windows, I found it very easy to manage my desktop when having 10 windows open. The organisation of my documents seams just to be better laid out and no longer a hunt for the file or folder.

I’m a user of media center and use if for music, videos and tv. The jump from media center 2005 to the most recent Vista was a big one, the vista version just flowed better and worked most of the time. The Windows 7 media center has just built on the success of that and is just fantastic, very easy to use. New functions like the rip you dvd’s and have all the information there, having folders set up for much more specific file formats which then makes sure the information is displayed in the correct location (now with art for movies).


Anyway here are some photos of some of the newer options.


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