So after just getting a iphone I have stepped in the wonderful world of applications that are available for the iphone. Now before I talk about the application I want to make sure everyone knows, I am a P.C, its just Apple makes better phones.


Ok the application is a remote control application to be used with a windows based computer, it works via the network as long as your iphone is connected to your home network along with your laptop/desktop your good to go. To get it installed you need the app and the software for your computer. Visit and get the software for your computer and make sure the firewall is not blocking the program, once you have it up and running you need to put the IP address of the computer you want to control in to the settings and for me it worked straight away.


You can do a lot, you can access itunes, winamp, media portal, BS player, power DVD, media centre and media player just to name a few, you can also control the mouse via the iphone and you can also access the keyboard.

I know its not going to change your life, but if you play a lot of your music and watch videos from your computer it comes in very handy.


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