2 Years to send a Text

2 years seems like a long time to send a text, your right but not for this text. I have mentioned that my Sister and Dad don’t talk and have not had more than 2 very short conversations in the past 13 years and now I think they have both just got used to the fact that the other person in not longer in their lives, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that its just the way our minds work. Well I speak to both of them which is a good thing, I never feel like in stuck in the middle of things and get on well with both sides, but being in this situation I have always felt the only one who could bring my dad and sister back together is me, I’m in the perfect position. The down side is that I push too much and end up in a worse situation than I’m in and that’s the thing that really scares me.

For many years now, well around the last 3 its something that has been playing on my mind more and more, I know getting them in the same room would be too much to start with, I think letters take too much time, telephone calls you can run out of things to say so email was an idea, you can have time to plan what you are going to say, they are much easier to reply to and it’s a little disconnected which I think will help in this instants.

So the text message thing, I know my dad would be ok with the email thing its getting my sister on the same side, I have been spending a little more time with my sister working with her on a project and I felt it was time as I did quite a few favours for her that I could ask her to do one for me, so after many many pints last night I finial got the courage to text my little sister asking her if it was ok for me to pass on her email address and she said yes, I cant tell you how happy that makes me even now just typing it in to this blog.


I don’t know whats going to happen and I’m trying not to think about it to much but I think I have made the move, i just have to wait.


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