Iphone, Mobile me, Google calendar, Outlook all working together!

So having a iphone has started to make slight changes in the way I plan for, well life. The calendar in the iphone is just fantastic and if you know me you know remembering things would not be a strong point, I have found it very easy to jot down a reminder and hey I don’t need to remember. Another good thing my self and my lovely girl friend don’t real work set hours so getting days off together can be a challenge sometimes, Google calendar has a wonderful way of letting you set up people who you can share your calendar with, so she can put her hours down and I know when she is working.


Now Mobile me is a online service offered by Apple which keeps all of your computers sync with each other when it comes to calendars, contacts, web pages ect, it is £50 for the year but you can get 30 days free which I’m giving a go. One thing which is nice to see from the battling giants is that Outlook can sync with mobile me and it works well so contacts and calendars are sync with no problems. the good things about mobile me is if you make a change to a contact on let’s say your iphone this is sent to all if your computers set up, same with calendars.

Now the iphone can sync with the Google calendar but it’s a very ‘around the house’ way of doing things and all it takes it Google or apple to change something and it no longer works but outlook has no problems syncing with Google.


So my iphone calendar syncs with mobile me, mobile me then to outlook, outlook to Google calendar. And it works no matter when you add the information so something gets added to outlook and mobile me, iphone and Google get updated.


I’m sure there will be something that pops up as I have only, in the last few hours got everything working together, I think on things that needs looking in to is the multiple calendars (ie different events) as I’m unsure if everything will sync.

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