Have not got long, it seems I don’t have must time to do anything at the moment but I have 5 mins for my blog.



Ok when to see Dr Tid and the Tripple 8’s last week at the Green room, very very good and well worth going to one there events, there web site is up dated and you can even get some of their tracks from there. They have a few events coming up so give them ago.


Like with the iphone keeps going, it seems to have changed the way I run my life, it makes everything so easy and with the new 3.0 update it look as if things are just going to get more easier.


Thinking of going on a small break, seeing I have a little extra money in a few weeks and I’m not the type of person to put it in the bank I think Berlin may be in order, just need a chap flight now and we are off.


Got to watch the Boat that Rocked a few days ago, had some cast there. The film is really good and what we have come to expect from this director, it is just a really nice film with a fantastic sound track which keeps your foot tapping all the way through.


And that’s you 5 mins.


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