Sony Vaio Cr21z Hackintosh

So i thought i would give hacintosh a go on my laptop and pass this info along as there was not much out there for my laptop when i came to do it.



Well it went ok, after the main install everything worked well, don’t forget when installing, just before you click install it go through the drivers and pick the correct GPU. So after the install 3 things didn’t work,


  1. The wifi card, being an intel i don’t think it will every work, you can pull the intel out and replace with something that will work with mac os but it was more hard work that it would have been worth.
  2. Sleep, shutdown didn’t work well, sleep didn’t work and when sent to shut down it would re start every time.
  3. The GPU drivers worked but only in displaying anything, i could not change anything through the OS.

I did get the Ethernet connection working but only after messing round for about 30 mins.


I think after some messing everything could work well, the wifi card would have to be changes or a USB plugged in would work

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